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Grover Portable & Rolling Drains
Portable Oil Drains (click on photo for larger view)
 2031R-18G  Enclosed Portable Oil Drain - for evacuation
 systems. Same as 2031R-18 but has 273N
 3-wheel dolly and 10159K tube for use with the
 10310 or 10305 waste oil evacuation systems.
 2031R-18Y  Enclosed Portable Oil Drain - as above but
 with 169N dolly with 4 casters.
 2032R-18Y  Exposed Portable Oil Drain - includes 120MT
 drum, 10159K evacuation tube (as above) and
 169NT 4 caster only.
  Rolling Drains (click on photo for larger view)
 4203              Rolling Oil Drain - rolls into position under the
 vehicle along pit edge or guide rails attached to
 the pit. It has an approximate 30 gallon capacity
 and is fitted with a removable, splash proof screen,
 anti-splash baffles and quick connect hose drain
 coupler, valve and cap. Includes 8304 Splash
 Guard. Guide wheels are adjustable from 33" to
 47" and 5 feet of 1 1/2" hose is included for
 connecting waste oil line.
 8304  Splash Guard - included above, may be ordered 
 4203W  Rolling Drain Wagon - for heavy and medium
 trucks, allows the clean and efficient collection
 and transfer of drain oil. Features four 3" steel  
 wheels, a tee handle for easy maneuverability
 and a 28 gallon (112 quart) capacity. A perforated
 metal screen allows draining of oil filters and keeps
 the drain plug and wrenches out of the oil. For
 above ground storage tanks, it attaches to either
 the Grover 10305 or 10310 Evacuation Systems by
 means of a 10205P Quick Connect self-sealing
 plug which is included. In addition, the drain wagon
 can also be used with a floor drain to an  
 underground storage tank by attaching a 911 drain
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