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Grover Waste Oil Evacution Systems
New 10310 Evacuation System (click on photo for larger view)
 Evacuation System - This 1" double diaphragm
 pump (10203) system is designed to empty any
 self-contained portable waste oil drain quickly and
 transfer the waste oil to a storage tank. Grover
 drains, models 2031R-18Y, 2031R-18G and
 2032R-18Y with top quick-connect fittings are
 recommended for clean and convenient operation.
System includes:
 1" Double Diaphragm Pump (Nitrile) w/ Muffler
 10201A:  Wall Bracket Assembly
 4036H:  Air Supply Hose
 10207: Throttle Air Valve
 367CA: Regulator and Gauge
 15036H: Outlet Hose to storage tank
  9072H: Suction Hose 6'
 10205C: Quick-Connect Coupler (on hose)
 10205P:  Quick-Connect Plug (on drain)
 10206:  3/4 Close Nipple
 10210:  Wall Hanger for hose
 10355  Evacuation System - Same as above but uses a
 1/2" double diaphragm pump (10204) for smaller
 System includes:
: 1/2" Double Diaphragm Pump (Nitrile)
            with Muffler
 10201A:  Wall Bracket Assembly
:  Air Supply Hose
 10207:  Throttle Air Valve
 367CA:  Regulator and Gauge
 12036H: Outlet Hose to storage tank
 9072H:  Suction Hose 6'
 10205C:  Quick-Connect Coupler (on hose)
 10205P:  Quick-Connect Plug (on drain)
 10206:  3/4 Close Nipple
 10210:  Wall Hanger for hose
 10205P  Quick-Connect - A self-sealing plug for additional
 portable drains. One 10205P plug is supplied with
 each 10310 or 10305 Evacuation System.
 10203  Double Diaphragm Pump - 1" inlet / outlet. Pass
 solids to 1/4". Dry lift 15 ft. Maximum pressure
 100 psi. Flow subject to material and hose length.
 10204  Double Diaphragm Pump - 1/2" inlet / outlet. Pass
 solids to 1/8". Dry lift 15 ft./Wet pressure 100 psi..
    50-50 Anti Freeze Pump (click on photo for larger view)
 10350  Antifreeze 50/50 Mixing System - includes 1/2"
 diaphragm pump (10204), wall bracket, two suction
 kits, an air filter, regulator and automatic oiler,
 connection hoses, air valve and muffler.
 10355  Antifreeze 50/50 Mixing System - same as above
 except includes the high volume 1" diaphragm pump
 9860  Dual Stem Proportioned Pump - 6:1 ratio, 5"
 industrial air motor. The dual 2" stems are a double
 action high volume 4 1/2" stroke design. A static
 mixing chamber, regulator and gauge, and an integral
 mounting bracket are included. All metal parts in
 contact with water are stainless steel or non-ferrous.
 9860A  Dual Stem Proportioned Pump - same as above
 with hose kit consisting of a 1/2" air hose (12042H)
 and single 3/4" 50-50 mixture hose (9042H).
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