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Grover Drain Oil Conveyor System
The Oil Conveyor System provides a convenient way to transfer waste oil from
locations within a service shop to a bulk storage tank. These units are ideal
to assist in the accumulation of drain oil for use in waste oil burners.

The Oil Conveyor has a 20 gallon tank, measuring 15" wide x 20" long x 16"
high. It is fitted with a 1:1 ratio, air-operated transfer pump. The pump is
controlled by
an internal float that actuates an air valve. The tank is fitted with
baffles and drop tubes to protect the float mechanism and to limit vapor loss.

The Oil Conveyor is completely equipped with an air regulator and guage, 42"
air inlet hose, quick coupler and 36" discharge hose for connection to the
piping of storage tank.
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 7790M  Oil Conveyor is designed for use with pit oil drains or
 for centralized collection systems. A 1 1/2" NPT (f)
 inlet is in the short side of the tank opposite the
 7792M  Oil Conveyor is fitted with a 12" diameter drain oil
 funnel. Waste oil from other containers may be
 conveniently poured.
 7794M  Oil Conveyor is designed for use with pedestal
 oil drains. A drain bowl trip is installed in the inlet.
 Although the bowl trip furnished is the Grover 630
 to be used with Grover 631 and 631L Pedestal
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