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Power Turbine Sealant, Aircraft Wing & Fuel Tank Sealants and
  Filleting Mastics:  Air-Operated Grover's Sealant Guns

A compressed air source (65-125 PSI operating range)
is all you need to operate
the Grover automatic
positive air charging, self-contained sealant gun.
built-in material cylinder that is on this gun is
designed to accept materials pre-packaged in a 6 oz.
cartridge. This reciprocating gun will provide a
continuous bead of material when activated. The
entire unit is lightweight, about 14 lbs, for easy hand-
held operation.

• 3" Air motor - 1 3/4" stroke
• 70 to 1 pressure ratio
• Brass air cylinder
• Teflon coated material cylinder
• Teflon material follower piston
• Teflon pump rod cups
• Injection nozzle .070 I.D. plated

 Cartridge Ready Single shot, built-in material cylinder, with
 automatic air retraction.
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