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Grover System Accessories
Pulse Meter
The pulse meter measures the fluid at the pump as it passes into the supply
line to the reel. Each pulse meter makes and breaks the low voltage circuit
to the console ten times per unit of measure. Order one pulse meter for each
fluid to be controlled. The ports are 1/2" NPT (f).
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 6501  Pulse Meter measures pints for gear oil.
 6502  Pulse Meter measures quarts for motor oil, ATF and
 6502L  Pulse Meter measures litres where required
 6545  Pulse Meter measures gallons for heavy equipment
  Reel Kit
  The reel kit controls the flow of the fluid through the reel. It includes a low
voltage solenoid valve, 100 mesh fluid strainer and necessary fittings, pre-
assembled. Inlet is 1/2" NPT (f), outlet is 1/2" NPT (f) swivel. Reel kit also
includes the ready light to indicate the required fluid has been authorized.
Solenoid valve remains open and light on until authorized amount has been
 6503  Reel Kit, contains 6536 solenoid valve with 6542 low
 voltage (24V a.c.) coil, 6370B strainer with 6374B
 40 mesh screen, 6537 ready light and 1/2" fittings.
 (8278 115V a.c. solenoid also available for special
 6503B  Same as above except 110V a.c.
  Relief Valves
  As the solenoid valve is installed ahead of the reel, there is no longer an
expansion area available in the system to absorb thermal expansion of the fluid
as the hose would normally provide. A relief valve will automatically relieve any
pressures in excess of 1000 psi and protect the pulse meter and piping joints.
Inline fitting size is 1/2" NPT (m x f).
 6405A  Relief Valve Kit for stub pumps includes a coupling
 with a fitting to permit the relieved fluid to return to
 the sunction end of the pump.
 6405B  Relief Valve Kit for drum pumps returns the relieved
 material to the vent hole in the drum.
    Air Solenoid Valve
    For added protection an air solenoid valve may be added. All consoles will also
control air to pumps. Install in air line near pump and wire directly to console.
Order one solenoid valve per fluid to be controlled.
 6504  Air Solenoid Valve with 6504C low voltage (24V a.c.)
 coil. Inlet and outlet ports are 1/2" NPT (f).
 6504B  Same as above except 110V a.c.
    Fuel Pulser Assembly
    The fuel pulser allows control of a fuel dispenser with any of the Grover control
consoles. Control gasoline or diesel fuel dispensers along with motor oil, anti-
freeze, etc.
 6406  Fuel Pulser Assembly includes a junction box and
 relay to control the fuel dispenser motor. The relay
 coil is 24V a.c. to match the Grover console. The
 relay will switch 1 HP @ 120V a.c. and 2 HP @
 240V a.c. Also included is a UL-listed Pulse
 Transmitter and hardware to attach pulser to Veeder-
 Root quantity computer within dispenser.
 6407  Fuel Junction Box may be ordered separately if
 dispenser is equipped with a pulser.
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