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Grover Fluid Distribution Control
Fluid Control Console
Control bulk dispensing of motor oil, ATF, gear oil and/or anti-freeze. Dispense
in quarts, pints, gallons and/or litres, and totalize in these units for inventory
control. Up to three different fluids and different units of measure controlled
from one console. A choice of control over four dispensing stations and three
fluids or control 12 stations and one fluid. No junction boxes needed. These
are self-contained, low voltage safe, electro-mechanical devices. The 115V a.c.
power is transformed to a low working voltage of 24V a.c. All pulse meters,
solenoid valves and ready lights are installed with 16 to 18 AWG 4 wire cable
(sourced locally).
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 7500  Fluid Control Console for three fluid capacity in a
 single console. Provides full control over three fluids
 to any four dispensing stations. Includes pre-set
 counter and three continuous inventory totalizers.
 May also be used to maintain inventory usage record
 for one fluid used in two or three separate
 departments (i.e. SAE 30 motor oil used in auto
 service, truck service and in-house fleet usage).
 7540  Fluid Control Console for single fluid control to any
 twelve dispensing stations. Includes pre-set counter
 and one continuous inventory totalizer.
 9500  Fluid Control Console with automatically resetting
 batch totalizer, that records each individual amount
 dispensed. Pre-set counter indicates authorized
 amount; and three continuous inventory totalizers
 record each fluid usage for inventory control. Has all
 the features and functions of the 7500 above, plus
 batch counter.
 9540  Fluid Control Console for single fluid control to any
 twelve dispensing stations. Like 9500 above includes
 automatically resetting batch totalizer that records
 each individual amount dispensed. Also includes
 pre-set counter & one continuous inventory totalizer.
  10074 Single Station Console
  10074, A,R Distribution Control Console kits provide fluid inventory and
distribution control of bulk oil in a system involving one pump to a single reel,
oil bar or hose and control valve. Simply dial in the number of quarts, gallons
or litres to be dispensed and touch the authorize button to allow oil to flow at
the work station. In addition to the console itself, two complete kits are
available. See part numbers and descriptions below.
 10074  Control Console for one fluid to a single dispenser.
 10074A  Complete Assembly includes a 6504 air solenoid
 to control pump operation and a 6502 pulse meter to
 measure flow in quarts at 1/10 gradations.
 10074R  Complete Assembly includes a 6503 reel kit
 assembly, a 6502 pulse meter and a 6405B relief
 valve kit to control flow in quarts at 1/10 gradations.
 Air solenoid 6504 may be ordered separately to cut
 off air pressure to pump when not in use.
    Model 5015A High Level Sentry
 5015A  High Level Sentry helps prevent waste oil spills
 due to overfill of the storage tank. This sensor/alarm
 may be used on aboveground as well as
 underground tanks.
 The sending device is mounted on the top of the tank
 through a 2-inch threaded bung. The sensor pipe
 extends seven to eight inches below the high level
 mark of the tank. No floats or moving parts touch the
 liquid. All electrical parts are UL listed.
 The control box may be conveniently located where
 the red alarm light can be seen. A horn, buzzer,
 remote light or solenoid may be attached to the
 console. A normally open-air solenoid can be used
 to shut down an air operated waste oil pump when
 tank is full or nearly full to prevent a forced overfill
 and illegal spill.
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