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Grover General Purpose Dollies
General Purpose Dollies
Attractive - Sturdy - Designed for Lubrication
Mobile accessories have many uses in the service area in addition to transporting lubrication equipment. They provide safe, convenient portability for
trash barrels and other full or empty pails and drums. The baked, red enamel
finish adds lustre to the utility of the units.
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 Dolly for 35 lb. pail. Has four free turning casters and
 flexible steel band which fastens with thumb screws.
 35K  Dolly Band-type economy model for 35 lb. pail.
 167  Dolly for 400 lb. drum. A rugged dolly, made from
 Heavy Gauge, reinforced steel and fitted with four
 cast steel, 3" diameter wheel casters. A Pull-Tee
 handle for towing is included.
 169NT  Dolly for 120-lb. drum. Made from a one piece sheet
 metal spinning, this attractive dolly is fitted with widely
 spaced, large (21/2") hard rubber casters. The drum is
 securely fastened to the base with a steel band held
 by thumb screws. Studded casters securely attach.
 272N  Two Wheel Hand Truck for 120 lb. drum. This handy
 two-wheeler has clip brackets which catch the bottom
 rim of the drum. An adjustable clip on the handle
 catches the upper rim and firmly locks the drum to
 the  truck. Easy rolling, 6" diameter rubber tire wheels  and rubber handle tip complete the unit.
 272NPL  Same as above except for 35 lb. pail.

 3-Wheel Dolly. This Dolly may be used on
 exposed 120 lb. drum units in place of the 169NT
 Dolly by ordering it with a 1440T Drum Locking Band.

 7653  Dolly. Band type economy model for 120-lb./ 16
 gal.  drums.
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