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Grover Chassis Grease Controls
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 Standard Chassis Control Valve has continuous flow
 when handle is pulled. 1/8" NPT (m).
 1BU  Control Valve Kit contains a 1B control (as above) and
 three fittings to adapt to any make of swivel.
 1J  Chassis Control Valve has continuous flow when handle
 pulled once. Pressure may be increased by pulling  handle again. Will develop 12,000 psi. 1/8" NPT (f)
 103N  3-way "Z" swivel made of precision steel parts for long,
 leakproof, dependable service, 1/8" NPT (m x f). Use
 with 1B and 1J controls.
 1017A  Flexible Adapter for chassis controls.
 1017  Hose for 1017A, 12" x 1/8" NPTF (m).
 1018  Hose for 1017A, 18" x 1/8" NPTF (m).
 1024  Hose for 1017A, 24" x 1/8" NPTF (m).
 7840  High Volume Chassis Control Valve. Use with high
 volume pumps and reels for delivery up to 9 pounds per
 minute std. chassis grease. Use 9100 high volume
 swivel. 1/4" N.P.T. (f).
 9100  High Volume 3-way "Z" swivel for 7840 high volume
 control. 1/4" NPT (m x f)
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