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  Grover Manufacturing Corporation is  well known for consistent product 
improvement since 1925 . Grover is  proud  to announce a general  product
improvement on the Rocket line of air-operated pumps, and the addition of
mufflers as standard equipment. Through  modular standardization a number
of ratios  are available covering 2:5:1 to 80:1.

A new line of Heavy Duty pumps, nicknamed "Yellow Jackets", is now
available for the most severe applications. These pumps are continuous
duty, industrial caliber with four and five-inch air motors, and are available
in five ratios from 3:1 to 75:1. All heavy duty pumps have dual mufflers, air
regulator and gauge included as standard.

Our redesigned reels are without peer having an arm adjustable in 30°
increments, reversible ratchet and dog for twice the life, and swivels designed
for pressure and service. A wide  range of hose lengths and I.D. is  available
for the most  effecient installation.

Grover introduces the new Fluid Control console with batch counter to record
each individual amount dispensed. This counter counts up as the pre-set
counter counts down.

All this and more is available through our dedication to research and develop-
ment, product improvement and  the use  of computer  controlled machining
equipment. Our dedication gives us the edge in  reacting to market  demands  
now and in the future.
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